Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Needlepointers help needed!Lately ,two great needlepointers wrote to me ,so I took from the drawer my forgotten project and thought some of you might help:
I have seen this Elisabeth's cushion about a year ago and felt in love immediately.It seemed to me like a big needlepoint,so I bought the canvas shown above,but I can't find anywhere the name of this technique.Do you have any suggestion?


Napa Needlepoint said...

It's a little hard to tell without knowing the size of the canvas, but it looks to me from the pictures as if it's about 10 threads per inch and that the stitch used throughout is a stitch called Smyrna Cross.

That's a simple stitch to do and if you want to email me directly (napaneedlepoint (at) especially if you can get me a bit more detail on the picture, I'll send you the diagram and complete instructions for doing it.

BTW, I love your blog and love that pillow.

Keep Stitching,

Napa Needlepoint said...

I looked at the post again and the key for you reproducing it is going to be the mesh size of the canvas you have. If the stitch is the one I think it is and your canvas is the size I think it is, then we can calculate out the size. The stitch is three threads square, and there are 29 squares across in the picture. So that would make the pillow about 9" across when done.

If you want it bigger, other stitches with a similar look can be used and you'd figure the pillow would grow by 1 thread per square, or three inches per pillow with each larger stitch.

Let me know what size you want the pillow to be and the size of the canvas and we can go from there.

Keep Stitching,

Possibilities, Etc. said...

The canvas appears to be penelope, rather than the mono-canvas designers here use. That pillow is gorgeous, but I can't tell from the picture what the stitch is. It isn't smyrna cross - but definitely some kind of textured stitch. It's also most likely worked from a simple chart. would be extremely simple to reproduce.

Possibilities, Etc. said...

I just enlarged your picture, and the stitch is not Smyrna Cross. That stitch goes over two threads, not three. Also, I counted 29 squares, so if done in Smyrna, that would make the pillow, if it were on 10 mesh canvas (which it probably is) only just under six inches square. Obviously it is much bigger than that.

E.Polycarp said...

ha ha ha ha I was going to suggest speaking with Napa Needle point to discuss the stitches. If there is anyone on the planet who can help you with reproducing this pillow it would be her. You probably also like her book "Bargello Revisited". I have always thought Bargello Needlepoint is just an excuse to combine beautiful color combinations in ornamental pieces. Napa Needlepoint has beautiful pillows which she has made over the years

Helen Cuthbert said...

mmmmm love that pillow!

Anonymous said...

I'm stitching a pillow right now with coushion-stitch. If I could se a close-up I might be able to help you! But I guess you might figured it out already?
(Sorry if my english is bad, I'm Swedish ;) )

ecojotter said...

I can't make a suggestion. But I just came across your blog via designerjots' luves and so pleased that I did. I adore how you include colour stripes. I love these colours featured with the yarn. Plus I just picked up my knitting needles again (it's been over a year!) Yay to knitting beautiful colours :)