Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mini trend-insects

Thinking about the bird house makes me love this trend more.


Kyle William said...

I love your blog - thank you for doing this experiment with color - it's inspiring!

Doris said...

I love your blog, too--and I LOVE these insect patterns/designs--what are they, paper, fabric, your own designs...I have to know! Love the birdhouse, too! :->

Question about your beautiful blog, do you have a program that finds every color in an image, or do you study the photos and determine the color stripes on your own? I'm an artist, but not a computer artist, so I'm curious how you do it.

Homo Ono said...

I love your blog too too.

Just happened to it the first time today and it is fantastic. I work in product design and development and absolutely adore what you are doing here. You have a fantastic eye.


(Hope you don't mind that I posted about your blog on mine and included some swipes from your site.)

Kristina said...

Thank you guys,your comments encourage me so much.

the insect are drawings that I made,then I used Photoshop to make different patterns and that is the same program that I use for my stripes.I think that the programs are great tools but they can't have our sensibility,so I use them mostly for copy and paste (it's less messy).

Homo ono,
thank you for your compliments and thanks for posting about me on your blog!