Thursday, October 14, 2010

there was not much to be proud of my birth country lately...even if I don't feel patriotic at all, things like these hurt me a lot. To be completely honest with you I love and hate it, at the same time. Seeing this product design by Coba & Associates yesterday on theDieline make me feel more in LOVE

My favorite is Malena tube, liqueur with honey and fruits like sour cherry, raspberry and woodland strawberry made by RakijaBar .Great to have in your purse on a freezing winter day or to help you handle tough situations :)))
Love the chocolate with the street map, too


bubbles on my planet said...

amazing design and packaging!

Anonymous said...

I am from Europe too, living in US, but I would love to try some from those bottles, we called it Slivovica and my grandparents used to produce some / it was not allowed/. Nice packaging too.