Thursday, June 24, 2010


I'll still be here the next few days sending last orders (thank you all so much) and packing my bags, but yacht of my dreams already shoved off :)

Wish you a very happy summer vacation, see you in August!


Bichos da Matos said...

I completed the order yesterday, I want to have your necklace for my vacation;)
Enjoy your time off!

Don said...

Hey, I like your blog...I'll be back!

zit... said...

yeah! have fun!

(i love the little boat...)


zit... said...

yeah! have fun!

(i love the little boat...)


ZAHRA said...

Your blog is my best discovery of the week.

I do like images. I have a strong passion for colors and reading books on visuals.

Keep up the good work.


Mirjam said...

Dear Kristina, your blog is up for the One Blog Award! The instructions to accept are all here:
Congratulations! Your blog is beautiful and sophisticated. Love the colour schemes you create and the photographs you list every time.

Anne said...

I hope you enjoy your time away on your dream yacht! Everyone deserves a good summer vacation. I can hardly wait for my own. I've had a great time perusing your blog.


SKIZO said...



Luna Levy said...

have a nice vacation - beautiful colors as always!

Jaime Baiao said...

adorável blog!
Fiquei fascinada!
Tânia Baião

Alexandra said...

nice blog! :)

dining tables said...

I know that you are waiting for this day to come so have a great vacation and make sure you will use all your time in having fun.

thea said...

HAPPY VACATION TO YOU TOO KRIS!! Let me know your address if you want a Spoonful. xxx


Ernest Ekiert said...

pretty :)))