Sunday, October 18, 2009


I moved from the tiles to my closet now and I was wondering: after years of designing fashion collections and pulling out so many stripes on this blog, how possibly my wardrobe has ended up to be so boring and monochrome? I guess it happens to a big part of fashion designers...when I was studying, ten years ago, we were all dressed in black,now everything in my closet is gray.That's not a big deal for someone else but as I love the color and believe in its psychological impact I decided that it's something I have to change.Since I'm impulsive and emotive shopper I desperately need a scheme. In case you have same problem... here is what I did:

I cut the samples of all colors that I like on me (a bit dusty and cold tonalities) and put them all together.

Then I played making the combinations I like most...still it would be a complete mess

So I made huge stripes, pick the neutrals for basic clothes like pants and brighter for jackets, more colorful for tops and sweaters, and bold colors for accent.I should just try to follow this guide now and my wardrobe should work ( I should try to earn at least 5.000 $,too :)

Maybe you always had this kind of scheme on your mind, and it's just me struggling with it :( ?! I would love to hear your thoughts...


Sara said...

I think it's a good idea.
Thank you!
Italian fashion designer black.

Anonymous said...

Always black pants, gorgeous colored jackets, tops that contrast with jacket. I pick jacket color that looks good on me from colorway at store. Shoes that pair with main color in jacket. (Blue = caramel; black = black, red = black or red, etc.) I irnore pant color as a color. Makes dressing really easy as 1/3 of outfit is set!

Tilda B. Hervé said...

perfect idea, I have the same problem: Swiss Interior designer... all in grey.... ;-) perhaps I need a stylist like you ;-)

Anna! said...

This is wonderful, Thank you so much for posting this! In my head I love to wear color but if you look at my closet, it seems quite the opposite. I will definitely try this out for myself!

trama said...

merveilleux comme toujour

The windsome august said...

fantastic, your blog is such an inspiration for me, as i have a passion for colour and texture,xxx

lisa solomon said...

i love love love those huge stripes.

do we get to see your evolving wardrobe from this???

[i used to only wear black, but sometime in college i embraced color and patterns and haven't looked back - although i do still wear gray and black :)]

Olga Fabila said...

I think I should do the opposite of your suggestion.

I'm also a designer, an editorial designer but I suffer from the opposite: my closet has the colors fever and I never think when I buy new cloths weather is going to combine or not with something else. Perhaps I should make myself a gray monochrome guide ¡¿?!

We designers are complicated little creatures.
Color stripe kisses

inspired winter said...

I completely agree! My wardrobe is full of black and (mostly) grey items! I seem to surround myself with everything grey and neutral (white)- even my home. Maybe time to add a few highlights? Particularly liking chartreuse and green golds (althought not together) at the moment.
from P
(London fashion designer, currently in grey)

Tamara said...

Firstly I want to say how much I love your blog. I don't really comment here much but I love what you do with your colour tiles. I also love colour and all my jobs have been to do with colour:colourist for textile producer, product manager for wool company and now I do interior colour consults and have a business of girls hair accessories. Colour rocks my world.
I love putting colours together in my wardobe too and for me it's all about pattern. I usually have some pattern; pretty, mod, bold whatever in a top or scarf and I incorporate the colours that way. I also love wearing cardigans and find them an easy way to add a bit of colour. I am sure though even when you are wearing grey that it looks great.