Friday, March 20, 2009

Another incredibly inspiring japanese book...The name should be "creative correspondence" but I'm not quite sure (Akiko,we need your help)...have a nice weekend everyone!
p.s. book is available here


deedeen said...

Oh, love love love the "mole with kite"-one, two of my favortie symbols!

Estivalia said...

As a mail art trader (and someone who likes ye old snail mail) I stated decorating my envelopes, but because of my studies time won't allow it anymore (or maybe I just became lazy).

Is it avalaible online somewhere? I can't read a word of japanese, but it looks like a really beautiful and inspiring book!

Anonymous said...

An other treasure from Junku ??
I already added this name to my list for my next visit to Paris. Thanks for sharing.

Caroline said...

Thanks for sharing this book - I've just discovered mail art and did my first one this week! Will have to try to get hold of this book!

babalisme said...

These are the most amazing pages I have ever seen!

Thank you so much for sharing!

Starry said...

hi, love your work, wow in there I spotted an illustration (hedgehog flying a kite) that could be great in The Wind In The Willows! its my favourite for sure.
best wishes, Starry

akiko said...

Hi Kris. E=picture,futo=envelope,
okurou=send.The book called "Let's Send an Efuto" by Satoshi Kitamura & Motoko
I love his picture!
Thank you for sharing:-)

lofipi said...

I'm going to try to buy this from (an English translation button is available) as it's probably the best mail art book I've ever seen. Thanks for telling people about it!