Monday, August 25, 2008


I was reading an interview with Philip Fimanno of Trend Union speaking about trends for 2009:
Folklore is the big trend for summer 2009. “Design itself is driving change. If anything is leading, it is industrial design, not fashion. Fashion is old-fashioned. Instead of leading, it is influenced by lifestyle design.”
2009’s trends are grouped into 16 forms of expression. “A decade ago, it may have been six.All have a common theme, but the greater number shows our yearning for diversity.”
The focus on folklore comes from fear of loss: Loss of ethnicity and what made each group distinctive. Loss of handmade skills and craftsmanship. Loss of the rural and the earth itself.

It makes me think of this painted house in Ghadames Libya,it seems to me like huge cross and stitch work.

One of the trends is Russia Song – Beet-, radish and forest-berry red with cross-stitch influenced by Rumania, Poiret, Matisse and Saint Laurent. I did a little web research and here are few items I like most

You can read all 16 trends here


Karen Barbé said...

Great piece of information and the most inspiring pictures! The painted house is stunning. I'm only sorry to hear that folklore is just a trend. I'd love to see handmade as a new and smart lifestyle, not the latest it thing.

please sir said...

Great photos and trend - I hope it sticks around for awhile and continues to develop.

Kristina said...

I agree Karen,I can already imagine all that cheap fabrics printed with a fake cross and stitch hearts on the cossack blouse,blah.
Let's hope that people will learn to appreciate this wonderful hand made work and secular traditions.

makiato said...

Thanks for inspiring pictures and trends. I think your blog is great!

Anonymous said...

Another weaver friend of mine directed me to your blog this morning. Because family history and genealogy are a passion of mine, as well as cultural anthropology -- I had posted a few weeks ago on my blog, feelings that reflect exactly what you have just discussed and am in the middle of designing a handwoven project using the colors of my people, as a means of honoring them and my heritage.

Being old enough to have seen ethic influences come and go in fashion trends with plastic and cheap prints running rampant, I also have seen the appreciation for the original works endure and be passed on to new generations of artisans.

It will be interesting to see where this go 'round leads us.

Very nice blog.


Juddie said...

Oh these are so beautiful! Thank you for posting them!

Francesca said...

lovely post. the house is amazing and i love the design connections you've made here.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kris. Thanks a lot for this article.
Little appendix: One year ago I was on one of this expensive and 'important' trend forecast evenings in Zurich, featured by Lady Edelkoort and her trendscouts. The content of the trendforecasts was: all and nothing. What I want to say with that, your blog is much more interessting, personal and closer to trends.... Mille grazie per il tuo blog.... Tilda!

Kristina said...

grazie mille Tilda!

Ebba Redman said...

This is really interesting, you are now on my top blogs list! I really like the pictures, really unusual and beautiful painted house.
At the moment there seems to be a real resurgence in making things, traditional crafts do you think that is also a trend or do you think the resurgance is here for good? Are peoples attitudes towards mass produced goods changing or is this resurgence just another way of making money in our capitalist society?