Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thank you!

your orders went far beyond my expectations! Thank you so so much!

I wrote a post once about the importance of packaging.One of the things I learned in the meantime at my own expense as a seller and as a buyer is how important is for your lovely packaging to arrive at its destination.It might seem like a very banal lesson, but here is what made me think: Recently I purchased few items from various small shops through Etsy and mini cards from MOO.Believe me or not none of these items ever arrived.I sent the emails and received an answer and replacement from MOO in 24 hours.I'm still waiting for a reply from other shops, and don't get me wrong I know how it feels when you have to answer one of those mails- let's say it's not the first thing you wish to do in the morning...and even less in the evening :) But  when people from MOO answered, all my disappointment disappeared, I felt loved and cared for, and I was completely convinced that they are the best place to buy all my business stationary in the future...It's not necessarily truth, I'm sure that the small shop owners care even more, but the psychological impact of their approach makes a big difference.I would love to hear your thoughts...
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Cactus said...

those necklaces are stunning! I can't wait til payday :) Your shop will be my first stop xx

please sir said...

Yes I think customer service is a big part of buying a handmade item from Etsy. You are buying the product, but also the artist or designer. Very valued points!

Jingle said...

I agree completely! If I have clear and quick communication, it instantly puts my mind at ease and I know that it will get to me when it does. I understand that sellers cannot control the post office, but just staying in communication makes a HUGE difference!

Anonymous said...

I've finally developed a system of keeping track of packages after I send them...although I have very few mail customers, I still have had 2 of my packages NOT get delivered (the slip saying there was a package pickup never got seen by the owner) and in one case it's only because I emailed the person did we know to put the wheels in motion to get the package redelivered before it got returned to me.

Now I really get the importance of following up, so last week emailed a customer 2 days after the package had arrived, and she was happy to know I was checking - here's hoping that's a repeat customer!

Anyway, thanks for the reminder that sales only end when your customer is oohing and aahing over the perfect handmade thing!

Anonymous said...

It is true, apart of the packaging it is impotant to receive what you bought.

melampyrum said...

Wonderful packaging, I totally agree with your lesson. And I didn't know you live in Italy too! I can understand your undelivery disappointment... just don't mind, it's routine. Sometimes express courier and import duties are worth it, but when they're not I tend to "keep it in the EU".
I'm glad of your new collection success, ad maiora! :)

Abigail A. Percy said...

Congrats on all the sales Kris! :)

...after sending probably more than 1000 parcels in the last 5 years, I would like to think I am a pro - but there are always some times that throw you and you feel like a new beginner again! To have parcels go missing is a horrible thing!

I am lucky it has only happened to me a very few times.

I agree with you it is extremely important for the shop/person you bought from to reply immediately - a delay is not good. I understand if a shop says they CAN add insurance to your parcel {and will only replace if you do} - it makes it clear their stance - then it is on your own head if something goes missing, but it doesn't make the horribleness of something never arriving go away!

Sadly, there are a few countries that are a NIGHTMARE to get things in to - even with a safe, recorded, insured method like I use for sending jewellery. Italy is one, South Africa another, and I have had issues especially with New York and the New York sorting office en route to Portland...

Making a claim is also extremely difficult - and often, the PostOffice never pays out :(

It can be very hard for a small company to afford to replace your goods if you didn't buy insurance - and I would personally always ask {especially if I lived in these hot spots}...and I would advise you to always insure jewellery parcels when a customs form on the front will 'alert' bad postmen to the contents!

I agree MOO are amazing with their customer service. I love working with them! :)

Hope you get your parcel issues sorted out and get happy endings :) xo Abigail

Kristina said...

Thank you Abigail for your pro- comment! :)
I was just thinking how ridiculous is, with all the technology that surround us these days, to be a victims of this kind of mail service :Wikipedia

Deidra said...

There have been studies done that show customers will actually have a better feeling towards a company if something goes wrong and is resolved well than if nothing ever goes wrong. (I believe the studies were done on hotels.)

Customer service matters!

Jules said...


The Brown Mestizo

Kellie said...

I've just started buying online and I think it adds more to the experience when the branding goes right down to the package (your package photos look great by the way).

I love it when they come with a little note too.

I thankfully haven't had any parcels go missing (touch wood) - hopefully those Esty shops reply to you soon. Good luck!

emma @ gingercaravan said...

Love your site which I only found today!

I would be devastated if a customer of mine never received their parcel. Quick communication, rather than avoidance, is not only the right thing to do, it's professional and shows your customer that you care about them, not just their money.

It's also a positive reflection on you and your business. I try and get signature on delivery on all my deliveries.

Good luck to all sellers and the journey their goods have to travel to get to all corners of the world !

I'm off too check out moo now - this time to actually buy some cards! Everyone's feedback on this post has been encouraging.

Anonymous said...

conosco MOO, da un po di tempo, è davvero spettacolare!
mi sono trovata molto bene anche con Vistaprint che ha dei costi più bassi!
ma detto ciò, non sai quante importanza si da alla confezione, quanti libri ho preso solo perchè la copertina era bella e invitante,quanti incarti erano meglio del regalo... insomma, il vestito fa il monaco...eccome!
perciò lunga vita a tutto ciò che si può personalizzare e tutto ciò che è strano e particolare!
grazie per questi pensieri!

mary said...

can't wait to get mine! you did a phenomenal job with these, kris! absolutely stunning.